You jump in the car, late to class, attempting to go 30 in a 25, and let out a frustrated huff. There’s a biker in front of you, too far in your lane to go around him, and way too slow to crawl behind.

You wake up at 8:00 am every morning and are out the door. Swing your leg over your bike and you’re on your way. Cruising down the road, enjoying the beautiful day and fresh air before work. But a car starts creeping up behind you, too close for comfort.

Do either of these scenarios sound at all familiar? Welcome to Wheels Keep Turning, happy to have you here! I will address scenarios like these in the next few weeks. Why do bikers hate drivers and drivers hate bikers? Can I pass him? Do I have to get out of her way?

Please check back frequently as I compile an extensive research log about sustainable transportation. The wheels in my brain never stop turning, and neither should your wheels on the road (bike, car, or feet). This site is where those two concepts converge.